Shenzhen Customs: freight for "international purchasing" is smuggling

15:47, January 05, 2012        

  International purchasing is a new commission purchasing business that is popular nowadays. However, customs remind that carrier or freight for international purchasing goods may be suspected of violating the Customs Law and constitute smuggling act.

  Currently, the products in international purchasing are mostly bags, watches, clothing and cosmetics, food and health products and electronic products. Shenzhen Customs said international purchasing differs from the traditional smuggling, and is a new kind. Customs also warned that, due to the regional limitation of IP, products that are sold in foreign countries may not be legal in China. International purchasing may lead to intellectual property disputes. In addition, it is troublesome if health care products or cosmetics bought via international purchasing do not have health permits in China. Once the purchased products have problems related to health and safety, the purchasers will have to bear all the responsibility.

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Clothing made in China register trademarks abroad and become international brands. And then the price soars. What do you think?
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