Show Lo’s trademark rejected for similarity

15:41, January 05, 2012        

  The famous Taiwan artist Show Lo’s trademark registration application was rejected by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, so Lo brought SAIC trademark review board to court. Lately, Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court rejected the prosecution request in the first instance.

  Show Lo is an all-round Taiwan artist. In recent years, he created his own brand "STAGE" and has opened brand stores in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China Mainland and Singapore. On May 18, 2007, Lo applied to register the "STAGE" graphic trademark but the Trademark Office rejected the application.

  Lo made the application for review to the trademark review board. The board believed that Lo’s trademark was similar to the registered trademark of Hong Kong Alan Garments Co., Ltd. in overall appearance and visual effects. In addition, the clothing, boots, shoes, scarves, scarves, ties, hats, belts and other products specified in the use of the trademark were also similar to the approved use of the other trademark in product capabilities, production and sales channels, forming the same or similar goods. Therefore, the mark became a similar trademark.

  Therefore, the board rejected Lo’s application for registration.

  Lo did not accept the decision and brought the board to court. He believed that the mark is obviously different from the other trademark and does not cause confusion among consumers. With his popularity, the brand will continue to expand its market, and therefore can further be distinguished from the other trademark.

  After investigation, the court held that the board is right in decision and Lo's claim lack of legal basis. The court thereby maintained the board’s decision in rejecting the trademark registration.

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