Chinese Customs Won "Best Government Agency in Anti-Counterfeiting Award"

14:29, June 30, 2011        

The Global Anti-Counterfeiting Organization held the awarding ceremony in Paris on June 8, the "World Anti-Counterfeiting Day", and awarded the Chinese Customs the "Best Government Agency in Anti-Counterfeiting Award" so as to recognize its achievements and the transparent style in IPR protection. The General Administration of Customs of China is the only government agency to receive this award in the world.

  The Global Anti-Counterfeiting Organization is a NGO specializing in IP protection and anti-counterfeiting worldwide based in Paris, which is very influential in the international IP world. In order to encourage anti-counterfeiting in all countries and regions, the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Organization established a series of awards since 1999, including Best Institution Award and Best Individual Award and other five awards, which will be respectively granted to the government law enforcement agencies, businesses, non-governmental organizations, the media and individuals with outstanding contributions in IP enforcement. This year is the 13th ceremony. The General Administration of Customs won the "Governmental Agency Encouragement Award" of it in 2006.

  The remarkable results achieved by the recent IP "Double Combat" special action are also an important factor for the awarding. As of the end of May, the Customs nationwide seized 9227 batches of infringing goods and 58 million articles.

  By IP Channel of People's Daily Online

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