China Launches National IPR Publicity Week

14:54, May 09, 2011        


  The 2011 National IPR Publicity Week featuring Intellectual Property Promoting the Economic Transformation, sponsored by 25 central government agencies such as the SIPO, is under way from April 20 to 26. During the launching ceremony, the event was kicked off by SIPO Deputy Commissioner Bao Hong, chairman of the organizing committee, SIPO Commissioner Tian Lipu delivered a keynote speech.

  In his speech, Tian said that various forums, lectures and activities will be held by the 25 ministries to enhance the whole society's awareness of IPR protection and promote the IPR culture of respecting knowledge, advocating innovation and credibility. The 7-day event will draw the attention from all over the world, and will showcase the Chinese government's firm determination in implementing IPR strategy.

  Tian pointed out that this year marks the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan, the following five-year period is crucial for speeding up strategic restructuring and transformation of the pattern of economic development and is also critical for implementing IPR strategy and accomplishing the objectives raised in the Outline of National IPR Strategy. The authorities will exert their efforts to raise awareness of the supporting role that IPR plays in the optimization of industrial structure and serving the scientific development. He said that we must consider the overall domestic and international situations on the ground of current social and economic development and accelerate transformation of the pattern of economic development. We must promote the integration of IPR and economic development, comprehensively push forward IPR protection in China, strengthen IPR system establishment. We must make overall plans and take all factors into consideration to advance a balanced development, making contributions to the national overall plan.

  At the ceremony, Ms. Bao conveyed Director General of WIPO Francis Gurry's congratulations to the event.

  Source: China IP News

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