Trademark identification cases increased by 15 times

14:34, May 09, 2011        

The ten-year dispute on "Land Rover" trademark closed its first instance trial on April 22 at the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court off the Hammer. The defendant of Trademark Review and Adjudication Board lost the case and was ordered to remake decision for the withdrawal application for Geely Group’s "Land Rover" trademark. After the hearing, the reporter learned from the court that similar administrative cases against State Intellectual Property Office or Trademark Office gained rapid increase in recent years. Last year the court received 31 such cases while this year the number already reached 24 by far. The types of cases cover almost all of the administrative enforcement areas of the above organs.

  According to the judicial interpretation by Supreme People’s Court, all administrative cases with defendant as Patent Office and Patent Reexamination Board under State Intellectual Property Office and Trademark Office and Trademark Review and Adjudication Board under State Administration for Industry and Commerce are under the jurisdiction of Beijing First Intermediate People's Court. The cases tried by this court can basically reflect the status quo.

  Court statistics show that in recent years the number of administrative IP cases gained explosive growth. In 2010, the court received a total of 2,517 IP identification cases, 13 times more than five years ago. Trademark confirmation cases were increased by 15 times.

  By IP Channel of People's Daily Online

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