PD Online exclusive:Interview with Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office,UK

11:05, March 04, 2011        

  During a video interview with People's Daily Online on March 3, Mr. John Alty, the Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom, discussed intellectual property issues concerning China and Britain with the reporters.

  John Alty

  Chief Executive and Comptroller General

  John took up post as Chief Executive Officer and Comptroller General of the IPO on 15 February 2010.

  He is a Board level civil servant having begun his career with the then DTI in 1978.

  John has come to the IPO with a strong track record of handling complex and politically sensitive economic, regulatory and business issues. He is also experienced in working as a partner and sponsor with delivery bodies to deliver better outcomes for customers.

  John spent several years as Director, European Policy and his last post was as Director General of the Fair Markets Group in the Department for Business Innovation and Skills so he brings with him substantial EU and international expertise.(source:http://www.ipo.gov.uk/about/director/director-ceo.htm)

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