Macau to Promote Diversified Tourism

15:35, August 12, 2010        

Chen Zecheng, deputy director of Macau Culture Bureau, indicated recently that the Government of Macau Special Administrative Region has started a series of efforts to protect, utilize and explore culture relics in Macao, according to a report from Macau. Rules concerning the access to world heritage will be formulated later this year and activities will be held to promote diversified tourism. Macau Historic City Center was successfully listed as World Heritage on 15th July, 2005 and the Government of Macau has been trying to protect the World Heritage in all aspects ever since, Mr. Chen said. The Culture Bureau has included the buffer zone of the World Heritage in the Regulations of the Protection of World Heritage and coordinated with various departments to regulate the development within the area. The drafting of new laws has been finished and is about to enter legislation process.

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