Nation's Trademark Numbers Skyrocket, Yet Few Globally Known

13:52, May 06, 2010        

  Fu Shuangjian, vice minister of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

  After three decades of opening up and economic reform, China is set to share its experience in trademark development with other countries, said Fu Shuangjian, vice-minister of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

  Total registered trademarks in China reached 3.4 million by the end of last year as it continued to top the world, a rank it has now held for seven consecutive years.

  "But domestic trademarks, especially famous ones, lack international recognition," Fu said at the opening ceremony of a campaign marking China's trademark achievements in Beijing.

  Trademark filings have skyrocketed since China restored national trademark registration in 1979, with applications growing from just 26,000 in 1980 to 830,000 in 2009, according to Fu.

  The number of trademark applications and approved registrations again set all-time records in China last year.

  Yet the nation's trademarks lack international influence and status far from commensurate with its economic standing, Fu said.

  "We should associate our trademark strategy with national industry and improving national hard power, as well as international publicity," said Wang Ximin, deputy chief editor of China Daily, a partner in the campaign.

  As China's first national English-language newspaper, the media group should take responsibility for showcasing the nation's achievements, including those in trademarks, Wang said.

  The campaign will include a range of coverage, video interviews, exhibitions and forums from April 26 to the end October.

  As trademarks have a close relationship with economic progress and daily life, the campaign will cover the significant changes in China's development, social progress and national strength.

  Li Jianchang, head of the trademark office under the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, said mounting such a campaign during the World Expo, also scheduled to end in October, is expected to receive worldwide attention and have far-reaching influence.

Source: China Daily

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