China's IP Protection Action Plan 2010 Issued and Implemented

18:48, April 26, 2010        

  Recently, 28 members of the National IP Strategy Implementation Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference co-developed the China's Intellectual Property Protection Action Plan (hereafter refers to as the Action Plan). The Action Plan was officially issued and put into practice.

  The Action Plan proposed the guideline of "improving the system, strengthening law enforcement, focusing on specialties, promoting coordination, intensifying publicity, and standardizing management". With consideration of the reality and relevant departments' capabilities, it proposed 164 detailed measures from 10 aspects: building IP legal system, approval and registration, administration and law enforcement, judicial protection, setting up the mechanism of the law enforcement system, marketing, training and education, international exchange and cooperation, promoting enterprises' IPR protection, providing services to the right owners. The departments that would play the leading roles or involved were clearly pointed out in the Action Plan as well. With clear goals, the program would play an important guiding role for the comprehensive implementation of China's IPR protection work.


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