The First Survey on Public’s Intellectual Property Awaress in China


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  The State Intellectual Property of China (SIPO) has begun a survey on the public’s intellectual property awareness. It is the first time in China the government made such kind of investigation.

  This survey is focused on government employees, young students, news reporters, scientists and corporate employees, of whom 30,000 will be sampled to test public awareness of intellectual property concepts, knowledge, technology and demand.

  A SIPO official said that the survey is aimed at promoting IP culture with the theme of “respect IP, advocate innovation, honest and observe the law” and assist the implementation of the Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy.

  To enhance the credibility and efficiency of the survey, the SIPO entrusted Tsinghua University to be agent for conducting the survey. The result was expected to release before April.

  Source:China IP

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