Wong Lo Kat trademark lease contract exposed

15:47, January 05, 2012        

  The hearing on trademark case of Wong Lo Kat will be opened soon, which will determine the right of trademark use in red-canned Wong Lo Kat produced by the JDB Group. At present, the biggest controversy focused on the validity of the trademark lease contract obtained through bribery.

  "Wong Lo Kat" trademark values hundreds of billions, and the annual sales of red-canned Wong Lo Kat reached 16 billion yuan in 2011. However, the current annual rental fee of Wong Lo Kat trademark is only 5 million yuan.

  On December 23, the trademark owner Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group revealed to the media the controversial contract. The contract shows that the trademark royalties charged by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group merely increased from 4.5 million yuan to 5.06 million in ten years. Even if the two sides go on with the current contract, the trademark royalties will only be 5.37 million yuan in 2020.

  Insiders believe that Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and JDB Group will definitely sit down and talk again on the cooperation issue after the arbitration result comes out. It is likely that JDB will continue to lease the trademark but the rental costs will be increased dramatically.

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