LV sues Hangover 2 for fake handbag

15:46, January 05, 2012        

  Recently, the famous French luxury brand Louis Vuitton brought the comedy "Hangover 2" and its producer Warner Bros to court. The film "Hangover 2", with low investment, recently won high box office.

  According to foreign media, LVMH claimed that in the film Zach Galifianakis’ role arrived at Thailand airport with a lot of "LV" bags and had a dialogue with others:“Careful, this is a Louis Vuitton.”

  LVMH believes that these bags are not genuine. They are fake bags produced by a Sino-US joint venture company called Diophy. LVMH said, they are now looking into its legal liability and preventing the sale of counterfeit goods in the United States.

  LVMH believes that Zach Galifianakis’ dialogue has become a buzzword. They also find a large number of online comments on the authenticity of the handbags, causing confusion in some of LV customers. LVMH accused Warner Bros. since they refused to change this picture and made it hurt the brand image.

  If LVMH’s claim is true, Warner Bros. Pictures will be embarrassing, because it has just joined the charity program of "boycott online fake" this month.

  Currently, LVMH requires the destruction of all the fake bags in "Hangover 2" and modification in the images of the film, and hopes to receive certain monetary compensation.

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