Trademark review period shortened to 10 months

15:44, January 05, 2012        

  This year, the industrial and commercial administrations continue to improve the efficiency of trademark examination. The review period is shortened to 10 months and the dissent and controversy period is controlled within 18 months, which catches up to international standards.

  The industrial and commercial administrations have taken further measures to improve the efficiency of trademark examination, established a sound trademark examination system and handled the online trademark applications properly. By the end of November, the industrial and commercial administrations reviewed 1,074,900 applications for trademark registration, reviewed 30,400 trademark applications and shortened the trademark review cycle and case investigation cycle.

  Currently, the trademark review cycle in the U.S., Japan and other developed countries is generally 10 months.

  According to the statistics of State Administration for Industry and Commerce, China's total trademark applications reached 9.576 million, total registered trademarks amounted to 6.559 million and the effective registered number was 5.423 million, all ranking the first in the world.

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