Beijing: preserved fruit technique to apply for intangible cultural heritage

15:43, January 05, 2012        

  The unique production technique for preserved fruit, which dates back to over 300 years ago, is declaring for intangible cultural heritage in Beijing, according to the Culture Committee of Huairou District.

  The "Beijing Preserved Fruits" became well-known at home and abroad in late Qing Dynasty. The production technique is said to be inherited from the imperial kitchen. Since “preserved fruit” sounds like "wealth of nation" in Chinese, it was favored by the court.

  Experts discovered in the historical records of the time-honored brands including "Jushunhe", "Juchengyong" and "Sanshun" that the predecessor of Beijing Hongluo Food Company is “Jushunhe” founded in 1909. The traditional art for "Beijing Preserved Fruit" thus started to apply for intangible cultural heritage. It is reported that original store of "Jushunde" is still located in Dashilan, and the traditional brand is expected to move back to the site.

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