Malicious attacks on Taobao upgraded

15:37, January 05, 2012        

  The siege to Taobao Mall started from October last year has not yet stopped. Although the majority of stores have restarted normal operation, there are still some people gathering in the YY group and organizing malicious attacks against Taobao Mall.

  On the evening of December 18, a number of unknown users posted "death threats" to staff of Taobao Mall and called for personal attack. Just two days before, they gathered in Central Hong Kong, built a catafalque hall for Taobao and launched a large-scale attack.

  Taobao also showed its official attitude of "no compromise". Taobao reiterated that it will never compromise to counterfeiting and IPR infringement acts and will resolutely fight to the end. Taobao will soon release the key facts of the attackers’ deeds. Taobao will continue to adhere to the "three principles": safeguarding the interests of consumers, defending the integrity and credit system of e-business, and cracking down on fake and shoddy goods and business practices with bad faith.

  According to Taobao's data, there are 19 backbone persons in the malicious attacks against Taobao. 11 of them were sellers on Taobao, of which 8 were punished by Taobao for the sale of fake products, credit speculation or other violation acts.

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