Chinese domain name of Li Na to be auctioned

16:57, July 01, 2011        

Chinese tennis player Li Na has recently became the hottest sports star and products related to Li Na got rapid appreciation. A sport fan registered the Chinese domain name of Li Na during the French games. Since Li won the champion, the price of her Chinese domain name also gained sharp increase. In the upcoming "2011 China's Creative Industry Auction", will be auctioned with the reserve price of 100,000 yuan.

  The liquor trademark of "Chinese Super League" will also take part in the auction. The two products became the biggest selling point of the auction.

  The auction organizer confirmed this information and said that people are very interested in Li's Chinese domain name. It is expected that the final sale price will certainly exceed the reserve price. The liquor trademark has also became popular recently.

  In recent years, China's sports stars and sports brands were frequently registered. Industry experts pointed out that this reflects the commercial value of well-known athletes in China has not been fully explored and protected.

  By IP Channel of People's Daily Online

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