Guizhou Maotai Will Expand Protection Scope of Geographical Indication

11:22, July 01, 2011        

Recently, Guizhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision held a promotion meeting on expanding the protection scope of the geographical indication of Maitai in the Maitai factory.

  The scope is planned to be expanded to: extend to the south from the original protection zone, longitude 105 ° 35 ', latitude 27 ° 33', located in the valley of the Chi River, east to the Zhidong Mountain and the peak of Mafuxi, 600 meters above sea as the boundaries, west to the Chi River, south to Taiping Village, Yantanggou as the boundaries, north to the adjoining area of the estuary of the Yanjin River and the existing protection zone, adding 7.53 square kilometers, a total of 15.3 square kilometers.

  In March, the experts demonstrated that the new area of the protection scope of the geographical indication of Maitai has excellent brewing environment, thus it can be included. The adjustment of the protection zone is an urgent need for the industrial development of Maotai.

  By IP Channel of People's Daily Online

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