iCloud of Apple Is Accused of Infringement

14:32, June 30, 2011        

June 13, foreign media reported that the iCloud Communication Company of Phoenix, Arizona, America sued Apple, alleging that the online storage service name of Apple's new iCloud infringed its trademark rights, causing confused concepts between competing products. It asked the court to issue an injunction against Apple in using the name iCloud and claimed compensation.

  iCloud Communication said that the products and services Apple intended to use on trademark iCloud were the same or very similar with those provided by itself since 2005. It also claimed that Apple had a long history in infringing the trademark rights of other manufacturers.

  Apple filed an application to the EU trademark and design registration institutions in the end of May. Before Apple released the iCloud service last week, it also acquired the domain name iCloud.com of the Swedish company Xcerion for 4,500,000 dollars.

  By IP Channel of People's Daily Online

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