Terry Gou: Fight with BYD to Die

14:27, June 30, 2011        

Probably due to poor performance last year as well as the recent explosion happened in the polishing workshop of the Chengdu factory. In the annual shareholders meeting on June 8, Terry Gou, chairman of the Hon Hai Group, at this moment of business propaganda, took the opportunity to vent its anger on BYD with whom they are now in lawsuit, even not sparing the latter’s investor Warren Buffett."In my lifetime, I will fight with BYD to die." Gou said. His company has been in a five-year lawsuit with BYD. They may change strategies and sue in Hong Kong SAR.

  In his eyes, enemy's friend is also enemy. He laughed at Buffett's investment in BYD, saying that Buffett is no Share Genius, but just a little smart and stressing that in the next action, he would “include in Buffett”.

  Two officials of BYD declined to comment on Guo’s remark in the "First Financial Daily". As for the potential litigation, one of them said that since BYD had been “harassing” by the rival for 5 years, they were not afraid of "continuous harassment."

  By IP Channel of People's Daily Online

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