Huawei declare patent war against ZTE

14:41, May 09, 2011        

On April 28, Huawei instituted legal proceedings against ZTE in Germany, France and Hungary, claiming that ZTE infringed its patent and trademark rights. Huawei said ZTE infringed a range of Huawei’s patents in data card and LTE technology and illegally used Huawei’s registered trademark on the data card products without license. Huawei said that it has repeatedly invited ZTE to take part in the patent cross-licensing negotiation but failed. In addition, Huawei has sent letter of commitment to ZTE when discovering its illegal use of Huawei’s registered trademark on data card products but ZTE did not stop violation acts. In order to protect the legitimate interests of the company, Huawei had to take legal action.

  ZTE said that the company was "shocked" and determined to use legal means to safeguard their own interests.

  In this regard, senior telecom analyst pointed out that both Huawei and ZTE are international companies and they should act according to international rules. The case should not be raised up to national level since it is only business practice after all. Intellectual property dispute is a common issue in the communications sector. Lawsuit is more like a balance of interests.

  By IP Channel of People's Daily Online

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