Nanjing: 23 Intangible Cultural Heritages Enter Folk Museum Soon

11:08, April 01, 2011        

Courtyard of Family Gan (Nanjing Folk Museum), where 40 folk artists put on performances all the year around is Nanjing's first theme museum of intangible cultural heritages. Nanjing Cultural Relics Bureau said the museum will exhibit the 2004 intangible cultural heritages Nanjing now possesses. In addition to the show of the four world-class intangible cultural heritages—qin, cloud brocade, paper-cut and Jinling carved scripture, and 45 provincial intangible cultural heritages—gold foil, Baiju, and Qinhuai Lantern and so on, another 23 intangible cultural heritages unique to Nanjing, such as velvet flower, dragon dance, and drum. The exhibition will combine the static and dynamic approaches by inviting audience to participate in the show.

  By IP Channel of People's Daily Online

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