".xxx" Approved to be the Special Domain Name of Adult Webs

11:02, March 25, 2011        

March 21, report from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) said it had formally approved “.xxx” to be the specific domain name of adult webs in order to enforcing webs security in that industry. Since users are often led to fraudulent and unsafe websites by adult webs, “.xxx” domain names are supposed to regulate such behaviors.

  U.S. domain name registration service institute ICMRegistry will serve as the registrar of “.xxx” domain names. The annual fee of “.xxx” domain names is $ 60. Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICMRegistry, said ICMRegistry will get proceeds of $ 200,000,000 each year through the registration of “.xxx” domain names. He plans to introduce a network system "Adult PayPal" to handle the more than one billion U.S. dollars per year online transactions of adult contents. It is reported that “.xxx” domain names will be formally launched in September this year, and there are already 20 million pre-applications.

  According to Stuart Lawley, this move of ICANN for the first time gave adult entertainment a clear website definition which could keep minors far from adult stuff and reduce the risk of malicious virus attacks. However, there are also opposition organizations who believed all that ICMRegistry wants was to make money and the appearance of “.xxx” domain names would "threaten the independence of the entire adult industry."

  ICANN, established in October, 1998, is a non-profit international organization gathered by experts from global network businesses and technical and academic fields, which is responsible for spatial allocation of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, assignment of IP identifiers and management of generic top-level domain names as well as national and regional top-level domain name systems.

  By IP Channel of People's Daily Online

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