SIPO head: Halting abuse a 'top priority' (2)

15:55, May 12, 2010        

  The latest patent law seeks to forestall abusive patents and strike a balance between the public interest and rights of patent holders, he said.

  In addition, Park also expressed concerns over SIPO's patent processing efficiency, but Tian noted the average time needed has been shortened to around two years from five to six years a decade ago.

  Efficiency is expected to further increase with a new online patient administration system that became operational in April, he added.

  As a public service, SIPO is tasked with improving intellectual property protection to guarantee legitimate interests of foreign investors, Tian said.

  Protection of intellectual property is a key element in an investor-friendly environment and the government has shown its "firm determination" to ensure rights, he said.

  While intellectual property was seen a shared resource some 30 years ago in China, the concept has changed dramatically, Tian said.

  "Yet still it takes time to spread awareness," he said.

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