Anhui carries out rectification on internet

10:23, March 04, 2010        

The "Opening Ceremony of 10,000 Websites in Anhui signing ‘Self-discipline Convention for Civilized Operation’" was held on March 2 in Huainan. This activity aimed at vigorously initiating internet civilization, resolutely resisting pornographic and vulgar information dissemination and promoting the healthy development of internet culture, and was organized by Anhui Provincial Leading Group Office of Network Culture Building and Management which will last for a period of 3 months; the participants are various websites, mobile phone newspapers and internet access providers.

The activity was jointly initiated by 60 units including 10 government websites, 10 news websites, 10 commercial websites, 10 enterprise websites, 10 mobile phone newspapers and 10 network access providers in Anhui Province. The purpose is to call in Anhui's majority of internet practitioners and websites to strengthen self-discipline, adhere to operate websites according to law and civilization, actively bear due social responsibilities and completely purify internet environment.

It is understood that, Anhui Province has more than 80,000 websites and nearly 30 network access providers now.

Since the country's special campaign against vulgar pornographic information of Internet and mobile media was carried out, Anhui Province announced that nine departments to earnestly organize, carefully arrange and actively promote the activity.

All relevant departments of each place conducted a comprehensive clean-up to the websites in record in Anhui Province and rectified them according to law. All website and network access providers seriously checked and corrected themselves, and continuously improved the internal management system, and promptly solved problems. After rectification, the on-line pornographic information was significantly reduced, the vulgar style of network culture was effectively curbed, and the internet environment was improved significantly.

Source: IPR in China

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