Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China

16:20, February 09, 2010        

About Ministry of Culture

2009-04-28 14:42

The Ministry of Culture is one of the cabinet ministries under the State Council,its m ajor responsibilities include :

1. To stipulate principles and policies for the development of cultur e and arts in China, to draft laws and regulations

  on culture and arts;

2. To make guidelines for the development of arts and culture in China and arrange for their implementation,

  to step up reforms on the administrative and management system for culture and arts;

3. To guide and administer literary and artistic undertakings, guide artistic creation and production,

  foster the development of different disciplines of art, administer and manage major national cultural activities;

4. To advance public service in culture and arts, make plans and give guidance for the production of public cultural products,

  steer the construction of major national cultural facilities and grassroot cultural facilities;

5. To stipulate polic ies and plan s for cultural industries,guide and coordinate their development,promote international

  exchange and cooperation in cultural industries;

6. To make guidelines for the protection of intangible cultural heritage, draft related laws and regulations,

  arrange for the implementation of intangible cultural heritage protection as well as the inheritance and publicity of

  the essence of Chinese culture;

7. Instruct and administer the development of community culture and social cultural undertakings,

  steer the construction of libraries, cultural centers and stations, as well as the development of grassroot culture;

8. To make guidelines for the development of cultural market in China, guide the integrated administration and

  law enforcement of the cultural market, take charge in the industrial supervision and administration of commercial cultural

  and artistic operation, instruct the supervision and administration of private entities dealing with performances and arts;

9. Take charge in the prior review and approval of cultural and artistic products before their online circulation,

  administer on the commercial venues providing Internet access services such as Internet cafes through operation licenses,

  supervise and administer on the service of online gaming (excluding the prior review and approval of online games before

  their online publication);

10. To make guidelines for the development of cartoon, animation and gaming industries, give guidance and coordination

  for the development of cartoon, animation and gaming industries;

11. To make guidelines for the development of culture-related technologies and supervise on their implementation, advance

  information development regarding culture-related technologies;

12. To guide and administer cultural exchange and cultural communications internationally, stipulate policies and regulations

  on international cultural exchange as well as cultural exchange with the Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and the Taiwan region,

  instruct the work of cultural offices,cultural centers and cultural institutions under or related to Chinese E

  mbassies and Consulates around the world,instruct the work of the Central Government representative offices in Hong Kong

  SAR and Macao SAR,sign cultural cooperation agreements and programs with foreign countries on behalf of the S tate,

  arrange for the implementation of major international cultural exchange activities at home and abroad;

13. To fulfill other tasks assigned by the State Council .


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