Wen Jiabao: to enhance IPR protection and management

15:06, November 27, 2009        

On November 23, Xinhuanet has issued the complete speech of Premier Wen Jiabao. Titled with “To Play Technology’s leading role in China’s Sustainable Development”, the speech pointed out that we should further promote the combination of economy and science, fully exert the role of market in S&T resource allocation, increase input into independent innovation, and pilot enterprises to becoming the main body of the technology innovation.

Premier Wen said that strategic policy making, technical innovation, pioneering talents and industrialization are decisive factors of China’s future. We should facilitate the cooperation of industry, university and research and the industrialization of S&T achievements; we should enhance the creation, mobilization, protection and management of intellectual property rights (IPRs) and support the construction of an innovative country.

Our S&T policy focuses on innovations, and we should create a fine environment for S&T workers to discuss freely, research intently, and explore independently. The society should respect knowledge, talents, practices and creation, and elevate the independent innovation ability and scientific literacy for all Chinese citizens.

Source: IPR in China


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